The Icon’s Final Showtime

It’s never easy to say goodbye to one of your heroes. And most times, when we do, it’s sad as we’ve lost them to an unfortunate cause. In this case however, it’s a joyous occasion. Sting, WCW stalwart and overall franchise player for multiple promotions, closed out his stellar career at AEW Revolution on 03/03/2024. It was an exciting brawl for the AEW Tag Team Championships where Sting and Darby Allin successfully defended the titles against Matthew and Nicholas Jackson  known as The EVPs. 

There were crazy moments with chairs, tables, ladders, and yes GLASS. I know what you’re thinking… GLASS?!?! Yep. The Icon went through glass. So did Darby Allin but, we’re only looking at one person’s insanity right now. Sting, age 63, has no reason to do what he did. In fact, he didn’t owe anyone anything. Instead, he gave his all for shear love of the business and it’s fans. The crowd stood the entire time he was out there and remained on their feet post match to salute a tremendous career. It was a moment that, in my opinion, all other companies should strive to have with their legends upon time for their retirements. It’s high time we saw more performers being able to go out on their own terms. So often, especially in pro wrestling, we see performers robbed of a chance to go out on a high note. Most times it’s an uncontrollable circumstance. In Sting’s case though, it was his decision. 

I salute Sting for remaining unselfish in an incredibly selfish industry. Thank you sir for all of your contributions.

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